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Multi-Colored Cat

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do
when my pet passes away?

If you would like us to assist you with the arrangements for your beloved pet once they have passed, then we can arrange to transport them from your home or vet clinic, 6 days a week.  Our customised vehicle will accommodate your pet respectfully and with dignity as we bring them into our care.  

Can you arrange for a vet
to come to our home to
put our pet to sleep?

Sometimes it is much more comforting for your pet to remain at home during their final moments.  We can recommend or even arrange a mobile vet that offers home euthanasia for your beloved pet.  We would normally meet them at your home after they have visited you and we can then arrange to bring your pet into our care and look after them throughout the next stage of their journey.

Can I bring my pet home
after being euthanised at the vet clinic?

You most certainly can.  
A lot of people prefer to have some more precious time to say goodbye in the privacy of their own home.  If you would like to do this as well, we can arrange to bring your pet into our care from your home, rather than from your vet clinic.  We offer a door to door service for reassurance and convenience.

Can I choose who my pet is cremated with?

Yes of course you can, and you should have that option as this is a very personal decision.  You can inform your vet who’ll be caring for your pet and if you choose our services, then we are able to bring your pet into our care from your vet clinic, even if your vet has an arrangement with another pet cremation provider.  

What happens if my pet passes away at night or on a weekend?

Our services are available 6 days a week to ensure that you receive the support you need during this very difficult time.

 Call us and we’ll help you work through what’s happening and decide on the next step together.  There may be an after hours transfer fee applicable outside of our normal business hours.

What is an individual cremation?

If you would like to have your pet's ashes returned back home to you, then one of our individual cremation service options is the right choice for you and your pet.  All individual pet cremations are conducted in their own chamber, which ensures that you receive all and only your pet’s ashes back home.

What is a group cremation?

If you don't wish to have your pet's ashes returned home to you, then a group cremation might be the best option for you.  Your pet will be cremated with other furry, feathered or scaly animals and their ashes will be lovingly scattered in a memorial garden within the grounds of the crematorium.

Would you be available to pick up my pet after hours?

We understand that pet's can pass away any day of the week and at any time.  

We can assist you after hours, however an after hours transfer fee will be applicable.   An additional travel fee will also apply if you are located outside of the Gold Coast, depending on distance.

How long before I receive my pet's ashes?

If you have chosen one of our individual cremation service options, then we will arrange a convenient time to return your beloved pet's ashes back home to you.  This would normally occur around one week after bringing your pet into our care and having them cremated.  Please note that public holidays and weekends may affect this timeframe.

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