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French Bulldog Puppies

Why Choose Us?

We Provide Service Beyond Your Expectations

Door to Door Service

Our prices include bringing your pet into our care

from either your home or local vet clinic and returning them back to your home or vet clinic, once the cremation has occurred.

Personalised Care

You will receive personalised messages

from the moment we bring your pet into our care,

until the moment that we arrange with you to

bring your pet home again.

Individual Cremations

You will receive your pet, and only your pet's ashes back home to you in the urn of your choice.  

We offer 100% individual cremation of your pet, guaranteed.  Your pet is cremated in their own chamber so their cremated remains are never compromised.

Genuine Compassion

Being a small family owned and operated business,

we are driven by passion and not dollars.

We are naturally compassionate people and 

we offer genuine empathy and softness at a time

when you need it the most.

Unique Range of Pet Urns

We wanted to offer our client families something different when it comes to our pet urns.  

Yes, we still have a few traditional urns

but we also have more discreet and elegant options,  that are perfect if you feel a bit uncomfortable about having your pet's ashes on display in your home.

Affordable Options

We have recently introduced Afterpay to our payment options because we wanted to give everyone, from all walks of life, the opportunity to give their pet the final farewell that they so deserve.  No credit checks, no interest, no hassles.  We are the only pet cremation business on the Gold Coast to offer this!

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